Bully #2 – Alisa (The Reading Obsession)

User name: Alisa (The Reading Obsession)

The facts:

We ran across Alisa (The Reading Obsession) on a hunt of a pack of bullies. What we found blew our minds. Alisa not only trolls with other bullies, targeting authors on a regular basis, she’s a Goodreads Librarian. That’s right. One of the people entrusted by Goodreads to take care of the site. And yet, she’s a bully of the worst magnitude.

Alisa has 925 ratings, but only 214 reviews to justify her ratings. Out of these 925 ratings:

86 5-star
195 4-star
179 3-star
50 2-star
412 1-star

44.54% of her ratings were given as 1-star. While that figure in and of itself could probably be considered circumstantial evidence of bullying, it’s what we found when we tracked her activity on GR that made us come to the conclusion that she is, indeed, a bully hiding under her GR Librarian badge. Like we said, she runs in a pack, and what is great about these unintelligent bullies is that they leave trails all over the place. Some don’t care if they’re labeled a bully, and some are just too stupid to realize what they’re doing.

Under Alisa’s shelf titled never there are 686 books. If these are never to be read, then why do some have 1-star? And why are some of these books that are rated 1-star by the SAME author and given the 1-star rating on the SAME day? Hmmm…. methinks we’ve found some evidence. The poor authors that were targeted? E. Llewellyn’s books “Suicide Ride: The Fix” and “Suicide Ride: The Platinum Man” were both given 1-star on Feb 24, 2014. Author Judith-Victoria Douglas apparently pissed of Alisa on Feb 18, 2014, because she rated 14 of Ms. Douglas’s books a 1-star on that date. FOURTEEN books by the SAME author were granted a 1-star rating on the same day. If that’s not bullying…

Unfortunately, these are not her only victims. If you continue to scour through her bookshelf titled never you shall find that Alisa does this to any author that she deems fit for her wrath. She’s an active bully, and she is an evil, lowlife, horrible, disgusting human being.

Worse yet, she runs in a pack. Around the same day that she decided to demolish Judith-Victoria Douglas’s writing career, her buddies did the same thing. They will be fleshed out in other bully unmaskings, but here are their names and links to profiles so that you can check out their pack mentality for yourself:

Tracy – out of 4243 ratings, 2286 are 1-star
Anna Matsuyama (another GR Librarian)
Shelby – out of 1273 ratings, 583 are 1-star
Miss M
Xox – out of 2220 ratings, 1431 are 1-star


Bully #1 – Reyna’s Mom

Bully username: Reyna’s Mom

The facts:

“Reyna’s Mom” has left behind 76 ratings, 0 reviews to justify her low ratings. Her average rating is 1.33 stars. Out of her 76 ratings, 3 are 5-star, 4 are 4-star, 1 is 2-star, and 68 are 1-star. That means out of the books she allegedly read, 89.47% of them are terrible. This rating history screams bully. She has also been caught “running in a pack” of bullies, dishing out 1-star ratings at the same time as others. Coincidence? I think not.